Night and Day in Sao Paulo

Last evening we took advantage of the beautiful moon shining above us in order to start off testing our new camera lens. It is being a while since we finally got to the conclusion that “depth” was precisely the characteristic that was missing in our night shots. More to come.

For now and to celebrate this beautiful dusk today I decided to post two shots¬†taken with my iphone. And because night and day brings me Frank Sinatra, why not close this post with a “petite cadeau” from the master? ūüôā

There you are: first, the shots…

… Moonlight as of October 29th and sunset as of October 30th – both taken from a¬†balcony¬†at Brooklin, Sao Paulo, Brazil…

night-and-day-out2014… and now the master: Frank Sinatra singing Night and Day, in a version of 1957. Good evening! ūüôā

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