Playing for Change in Sao Paulo!

If I were to start writing these lines highlighting how much I love this PFC initiative and the band, let us face the truth: no news, right? So let me share something new: they are about to start off¬†the music teaching program in Curitiba pretty soon! This is very good news, huh? ūüôā

It means that kids in the Curitiba area will soon get a chance to change their lives at once. It is as the song says…¬†“Freedom and justice,¬†is the¬†melody that let us shine on. If you feel it, through the music, we can make this world a better place!”

May you always find courage and good heart reception so that together we can transform the world!

Now, the gift: a couple of minutes of live energy from PFC and the crowd at Bourbon Street Sao Paulo, Brazil.¬†Thank you very much, guys! You’re awesome! ūüôā

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